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100% On-Chain Multiplayer Art NFT



100% On-Chain Multiplayer Art NFT

How it Works

1. Mint your canvas and brush stroke

Your canvas will come with one unique brush stroke, generated from your Ethereum address.

You can also customize your stroke by using the custom mint functionality.

x and y coordinates
color + opacity
width and height

2. Paint your brush stroke

Once you mint, your unique brush stroke will be added to previously minted canvases, evolving their canvas into a new piece of art.

3. Watch your canvas evolve

In the future, as others mint their Jacksons, your canvas will collect brush strokes.

100% On-Chain

No external URLs, no IPFS, no off-chain server or pipeline.
Just Ethereum, forever.

The Jackson smart contract generates an SVG image for each NFT in its getTokenURI function, compositing brush strokes as SVG elements from the subsequently occurring mints.

As long as Ethereum exists and web browsers can read SVG images, you will be able to view and grow your Jackson.

View Contract (Open Sourced under MIT)

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